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Tobacco Scan Data Supporting RJR

With this report, you can set up the transaction-level scan data export to the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company on the weekly basis. Scan data are all RJ Reynolds SKUs. Scan data is used to validate the R. J. Reynolds promotion participation.

This report is only available for the cash registers with the PJR files enabled. For more information, see Enabling PJR Files

To start working with the report, use the following navigation tips:

Before You Begin

Before you start configuring the Scan Data reports for your locations, make sure they have an active Scan Data subscription.

If a location does not have an active Scan Data subscription, such location is disabled in the report and cannot be configured.

If the location's Scan Data subscription has been expired, the report's data is not sent for this location.

Opening the Report

You can find the report at Reports > AccountingExport Data > Tobacco Scan Data Supporting RJR. For more information, see Viewing Reports.

Setting Up the Report's Export

You can set up the data export with the Tobacco Scan Data supporting RJR report in the following two ways:

Understanding the Report

The Tobacco Scan Data report exports the following data:

  • Outlet Name: RJR outlet name provided in the report.
  • Outlet Number: Location ID specified in CStoreOffice®.
  • Address, City, State, ZIP: Location address details specified in CStoreOffice®.
  • Transaction Date/Time: Date/time for a transaction start point at the cash register.
  • Market Basket Transaction ID: Unique identifier of the transaction ID, formed as location ID + transaction ID.
  • Scan Transaction ID: Unique identifier of each product scanned in the transaction.
  • Register ID: ID of the cash register used for the transaction.
  • Quantity: Number of units for the sold product.
  • Price: Final price at the cash register per one sold unit.
  • UPC Code: Scanned UPC code on the sold product.
  • UPC description: Product description.
  • Unit of Measure: Description of the product type sold - each, pack, roll, carton and so on.
  • Promotion Flag: May have the following values:
  • Y: If there is a discount amount for the product.
  • N: If the is no discount amount for the product.
  • Outlet Multi-pack Flag: May have the following values:
  • Y: Product has been sold with a discount as part of a sponsored multi-pack promotion.
  • N: No sponsored multi-pack promotion is associated with the product.
  • Outlet Multi-pack Quantity: Number of units to be purchased for the promotion to trigger.
  • Outlet Multi-pack Discount Amount: Unit discount provided for the product sold.
  • Account Promotion Name: Promotion name for the promotion of the Account Promotion type in the report.
  • Account Discount Amount: Discount amount value for one item for the promotion of the Account Promotion type in the report.
  • Manufacturer Discount Amount: Discount amount per product from the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer Promotion Description: Name of the multi-pack program funded by the manufacturer.
  • Manufacturer Multi-pack Flag: May have the following values:
  • Y: The product is included in the manufacturer sponsored promotion (reimbursement).
  • N: The product is not included in the manufacturer sponsored promotion.
  • Manufacturer Multi-pack Quantity: Number of units to be purchased for the manufacturer sponsored promotion to trigger
  • Manufacturer Multi-pack Discount Amount: Total discount per one sold unit; in case several discounts are applied (for example, a promotion), the discount amounts are summed up.
  • Manufacturer Multi-pack Description: Description of the manufacturer multi-pack promotion created in CStoreOffice®; in case several discounts are applied, the field contains several program names
  • Manufacturer Buy-down Description: promotion name (for promotions with reimbursement)
  • Manufacturer Buy-down Amount: dollar amount of the buydown discount applied to the transaction
  • Account Loyalty ID Number: unique account loyalty or reward card number associated with each consumer
  • Coupon Description: name of the coupon description offer, is intended for retailer-offered loyalty coupons

Location events

Messages about relevant events in the location appear in the Location events column.

The messages about these events may appear in this column:

  • Successful report submission: shows submission date and time and which week the report was submitted for.
  • Failed report submission: shows date and time when the issue occurred and which week the report was not submitted for. The following issues may occur:
  • Connection issue: the system stopped report submissions because of connection issues.
  • No data: appears in case if the data is absent for the station.
  • User-initiated credential update: appears when the user updated the credentials for the location.
  • Report delivery subscription expiration: a notification when the report delivery subscription expired.

Data Export Control

CStoreOffice® allows you to control if the required reports are generated and sent successfully to the destination by schedule. To do this, CStoreOffice® introduces a special service—File Sending Control—that is responsible for the following activities:

Additional Actions

To save the export settings, click Save.

To view the export history, click View Log or click Tobacco Scan Data Supporting RJR Export Log at the bottom of the page. For more information, see Tobacco Scan Data supporting RJR Log.

To leave the report interface and go to the home page, click Home.

To export the report data ahead of the schedule, select the period and click Send.

To download the exported data in the txt format, select the period and click Download.

To view the log of the last export, click Show/Hide Last Transmission log.

For more information on additional report features, see Reports.