CStoreOffice® Support & Learning


Petrosoft provides a huge number of analytical reports that allows you to monitor your sales data across all business activities.

All reports in CStoreOffice® can be conventionally divided into the following two groups:

To learn how to generate a report and interpret its data, click this report name in the relevant help section.

To get the information about general operations you can perform with all reports, see Working with Reports.

If you have not found the information you need, have any issues with the reports, or the report you need to learn about is not described yet, contact Petrosoft Support team.

Working with Reports

You can perform the following operations with general CStoreOffice® reports:

To view a more detailed information on certain reports, click and watch the following videos:

Key performance indicators

This video presents the information on the Key Performance Indicators report.

Cost exception report and setup

This video presents the information on the Cost Exception report and setup.

Price book-item sales by tag

This video presents the information on Price Book-Item Sales by Tag report.