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Shift Reports

Shift reports is a complete record of the sales data accumulated on the cash registers during a shift. They are pulled into CStoreOffice® from cash registers that are properly connected to CStoreOffice®.

Although CStoreOffice® pulls data from your registers, it is highly recommended to print the hard copies of your shifts and save them for auditing purposes.

After the shifts are pulled, they must be carefully reviewed and accepted by an authorized manager.  The information from the accepted shift report is used in CStoreOffice® reports and calculations.

No data from the shift goes into the CStoreOffice® database until the shift is accepted.

Accepting Shift Reports is one of the tasks that must be performed daily to ensure the data consistency and quality. 

When you review the shift, you can make manual changes to some of the data, while other data is not editable for issue tracking purposes. Accepted shifts are not editable. However, if you have the corresponding permission, you can "undo" an incorrectly accepted shift and make corrections while it has the "pending" status.

If, for some reason, the shift cannot be automatically pulled from the cash register, it's possible to enter the shift data manually so that it would be used in all the CStoreOffice® calculations.

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