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Typical Errors in Altria Report

To analyze possible errors in the report, use the report's log. To open the report's log, click View Log or click Tobacco Scan Data Supporting Altria Log at the bottom of the page.

If you need additional information on the error codes or what they mean, reach out to Altria support representatives directly via the following link: https://www.altria.com/contact-us/other.

When viewing the report log, you may encounter the following errors:

In the table below, you can find other possible errors you may encounter with their codes, possible reasons and troubleshooting steps.

Error Code Error Description Error Possible Reasons/ What to Check Troubleshooting Steps

Invalid Week Ending Date failed:
Week Ending date is not on Saturday.

  • Site is offline.
  • Site did not have all shifts accepted before file was sent.


  1. When sending manual test file, choose correct week ending date.
  2. Resend file.

Multiple Non-Discounted Final Sales Prices for Identical UPC/Store/Day.

  • Price Book Changes on specific UPC.
  • Go to the Price Book and then check UPC to see if price change was made on that day.


  1. Take a screenshot of the price change in the system.
  2. Reply to IRI with the price change screenshot.

All Records Reporting a Discount for UPC/Store/Day.

  • Accidentally reporting a discount on buy-downs.
  • We don’t report buydowns in file, we up the price to take the buydown off.

If prices are correct, then no action is needed.


Multiple Discounted Final Price Values for UPC/Store/Day/Identical Reported Discounts.

  • Discounts not reported correctly.
  • Mobile Coupons not showing in file.
  • Coupons as Method of Payments not captured in file.


  1. Reply to IRI with explanation.
  2. (Optional) Check LPA if they have video to see if coupon was accepted during transaction.

Record Count Outside Expected Range: Number of records in the file is significantly larger or smaller than the previous week.

  • Duplicated transactions.
  • Missing Transactions.
  • Incorrect Resubmissions.
  • Store was offline for a long time, now we are reporting sales skewing data count.


  1. Check the error possible reasons.
  2. In case an error is found, resubmit the file to overwrite the old file.

All 7 days within a week should be reported in Field 3 (transaction date) for each store if open all 7 days.

  • Check accepted shifts to see if there are shifts for those days.
  • Download file to check for those missing dates to see if they are there.
  • Ask owner if store was closed on particular day (especially holidays).
  • Shifts were not accepted before file was auto-sent.

Do one of the following:

  • Resend file if dates are in file.
  • Respond to IRI that store was closed on particular days.

No USSTC Items present

  • Check to make sure category is selected in setup for snuff.
  • Check to make sure that account wants USSTC reported (some do not).

Do one of the following:

  • Fix the error reason, if any, and then resubmit the file.
  • In case of no error reason is fixed, ignore this error.



Missing Loyalty ID/Rewards Number Field 37

Auto triggered if data is missing in loyalty fields.

Ignore this error. If account is not approved for loyalty, this trigger will occur.


Blank Core Fields- One or more of the core fields are blank. Critical details missing in core fields.

  • Download file to see if data is missing.
  • Look for missing city, zip codes and phone numbers in CStoreOffice® under locations.


  1. Fix the error reason.
  2. Resubmit the file.

Invalid Summary Line Format

ERROR: Bad summary record format 0|0|0

Common Cause:
File summary record format is not correct (Whole Number | Whole Number | Number with 2 Decimals)


  1. Fix the error reason.
  2. Resubmit the file.

Invalid Account Number format/value

Field 1 of your file contains a non-integer value or an invalid account number. Your Account Number will be 5 or 6 digits.

  1. Verify the Account Number in Field 1.
  2. Resubmit the file as soon as possible.