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Daily Data

This form represents all the data for the shift, day (if there is only one shift in the day, the columns will be equal), and month to date data for comparison.

Daily Data Form Navigation and Additional Actions

You can perform the following actions in the Daily Data form:

  • To specify the shift you want, click the calendar icon and select the necessary period.
  • To move to the previous / next week, click the week icon.
  • To view the form in a full screen, click the corresponding icon.
  • To add the form to favorites, click the favorites icon.
  • To print the form, click the Print button.
  • To navigate to the MOP Mapping form, in the left pane, click MOP Mapping.
  • To navigate the Sales Summary form, in the left pane, click Sales Sum.
  • To navigate to the MA for Today form, in the left pane, click MA for Today.
  • To close the incomplete day, make the necessary editing, and then click Save and the complete day icon.
  • To edit the shift information, click the row you want to edit, enter the new data and click Save.
  • To edit the payments, click the payment you are interested in and enter the new data.
  • You can edit the payment value, if the manual editing is allowed for this payment type. For details, see Conditions for Manual Editing.

Daily Data Information

Section Name Section Description
Sales/ Money In The section contains the following information on the incoming finances:
- Total sales - the amount sold for the selected period.
- Paid in - the amount present in the register at the beginning of a shift.
Opening Balance Total sales + Paid Ins + Beginning Cash
Payment Types The section contains the following information on the incoming finances subtotalled by base MOPs:
- Credit Card
- Other Card
- No POS - any payment not processed via CStoreOffice®
- House Accounts
- Coupon
- Cash
- Lottery Cash. The values of this MOP cannot be editable in the Daily Data form.
- FS - amount received in Food Stamps
- ATM - cash reimbursements at store ATM machine
For more information on how to work with the base MOPs, see Base MOPs and Payment Types.
Custom Payments The section contains data on payments made via custom MOPs. For more information on how to set up custom MOPs, see Adding a Custom MOP.
Please note that the Fuel Deposit MOP, if it is configured, includes the difference between fuel sales and credit card amount in case the Fuel Deposit option is selected in the Station Options form. For details, see MISC > Station Options.
Money Out The section contains the following information on the outcoming finances:
- Expenses: Displays only cash expenses. In case the expenses invoice with both credit and cash expenses was scanned via Docs Scanner, only cash expenses will be displayed in the Expenses row.
- Merchandize additions: Displays the Total Cost value for the selected period. You can verify this value using the Invoices report. For details, see Invoices Report.
- CR paid outs only when present
- Unmatched paid outs only when present
Ending Balances Cash the end of the shift (used as Beginning cash for the next shift)
Short/Over The section contains information on the shortages and overages for the shift. You can leave a comment by clicking Comment in the corresponding section.
If you need the Other Charges value to be deducted from the Short/Over value for the selected shift, make sure the following conditions are met:
- The Other Charges are included into the invoice total cost (Y/N) option is selected in the Setup Account form. For details, contact your system administrator or a Petrosoft representative.
- The Cash method of payment is applied in the invoice.

In case the selected shift is indicated with the red exclamation mark, the date and/or time of this shift was edited manually. To view more, hover over the exclamation mark.

In the Payment Types and Custom MOPs sections, if you see the closed lock icon to the right of the payment value in the Daily Data section, it means that this value is non-editable.

Cash Reconciliation by Paypoints

It is possible to enable the cash reconciliation by paypoints for the following types of cash registers:

  • Verifone Ruby/Sapphire
  • Gilbarco Passport
  • Wayne Nucleus
  • Radiant
  • SmartPOS

Cash reconciliation by paypoints provides more detailed information on activity of each cashier within a shift.

To enable this option, follow the steps:

  1. Go to Data Entry > Dashboard > Station Options > Cash Register.
  2. Switch to the Advanced settings view.
  3. In the CR Settings section, select the Paypoints for Cash Reconciliation check box.

With this option enabled, Cash Reconciliation > Daily Data displays paypoint data as well and this data can be edited.

Please note that if the Pay points for cash reconciliation option is enabled, but there was no paypoints data, the Daily Data values cannot be edited in the Cash Reconciliation form.