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Verifone Sapphire/Topaz/Commander Settings

In the Ruby / Sapphire / Topaz / Commander section, you can configure settings for the following Verifone cash registers:

  • Ruby Sapphire
  • Ruby Topaz
  • Ruby Commander

To access the Verifone Ruby cash register settings:

  1. At the top left of the Cash Register form, select Advanced.
  2. From the CR Brand list, select Verifone.
  3. From the CR Model list, select Ruby/Sapphire, Ruby/Topaz or Ruby/Commander.

You can configure the following settings:

  • CR IP: The IP address of the cash register.
  • CR login: The user name to log in to the cash register.
  • CR password: The password to log in to the cash register.
  • Report Period: The primary reporting period for the cash register. The period must be the same as the period value configured at the POS.
  • Shift
  • Day
  • Allow special single price
  • Collapse Credit Card details to default: Enable this option to hide credit card details.
  • Wipe out CR Promotions on next sync: Enable this option to delete promotions at the cash register and upload promotions from CStoreOffice® Price Book instead. This option can be helpful if the promotion data at the cash register and in CStoreOffice® are out of sync and you need to synchronize this data. When the promotions data is updated at the cash register, CStoreOffice® automatically disables this option in the cash register settings.
  • Include fuel loyalty discounts into fuel sales: Enable this option to include the fuel loyalty amount from the fuel sales total in shift reports.

    This setting applies to the amount by all loyalty programs. To configure granular settings for each loyalty program separately, use the Verifone Loyalty Mapping section in the cash register settings.

  • Fuel loyalty: Set the calculation method for the fuel loyalty in shifts for report tuning. Possible variants:
  • Ignore fuel loyalty: Fuel loyalty is ignored
  • Apply fuel loyalty: All fuel loyalty types are applied
  • Apply ticket discount as loyalty: Only ticket loyalty is applied
  • Apply PPG discount as loyalty: Only Price per Gallon discount is applied
  • Apply line discount as loyalty: Only line discount is applied
  • Apply ticket+PPG discount as loyalty: Ticket and Price per Gallon discounts are applied
  • Apply ticket+line discount as loyalty: Ticket and line discounts are applied
  • Apply PPG+line discount as loyalty: Price per Gallon and line discounts are applied
  • Apply ticket+PPG+line discount as loyalty: Ticket, Price per Gallon and line discounts are applied
  • Departments fuel discount: Departments fuel discount is applied

    If you change the Fuel loyalty calculation method, the new method is applied starting from the next shift. To update data in previous shifts, you need to reprocess these shifts. Fuel loyalty values in shift reports are displayed in the fuel sales section, in the Shop & Save columns. For details, see Understanding Shift Reports.

  • Fuel Loyalty program name: The name of the fuel loyalty program, must be the same as the name set at the cash register.
  • Plenti: Enable this option to integrate the Plenti loyalty program (www.plenti.com) into the cash register. The loyalty program data will appear in shift reports and in the Cash Reconciliation form as a separate MOP.
  • Plenti program name: The name of the Plenti loyalty program, must be the same as the name set at the cash register.
  • Allow Paid Out Parsing: Enable this option to present data about payouts in shift reports.
  • How to Calculate Special Price change: Use this option to specify how the special price change must be calculated: 
  • By Selling Price
  • By Base Setting Price
  • Verifone Loyalty Mapping: Use this table to map loyalty programs set up at the cash register to the names of CStoreOffice® loyalty programs. For details about loyalty programs data, see Verifone Loyalty Report.

    Using this table, you can also specify if you want to subtract fuel discounts from the fuel amounts separately for every program. To do this, in the Include Into Fuel Sales column, select the check box next to the necessary program.

  • Pay points for cash reconciliation: Enable this option to use paypoints data for cash reconciliation. With this option enabled, CStoreOffice® will process the cash register reports to get paypoints data and present more detailed information on cash reconciliation in the Cash Reconciliation > Daily Data form. As a result, you will be able to trace every cashier's activities at each cash register separately.

    If the Pay points for cash reconciliation option is disabled, the cash register reports are not parsed for paypoints data and cash is reconciled by shifts. For more information about reconciling shifts by pay points, see Cash Reconciliation by Paypoints.

  • Upload Full Items Price Book: Use this button to upload the Price Book from CStoreOffice® to the cash register. This operation is used in conjunction with items updates. After clicking this button, you need to accept changes in the Cash Register Updates Manager. As a result, full price book is uploaded to the cash register. For details, see Reviewing and Accepting Changes.

    After the Upload Full Items Price Book button is clicked, it changes its color to indicate the process of pushing the price book data. Once the price book updates are accepted, the button returns its initial color.

  • Upload PLUs only: Enable this option to upload only items PLUs with Price Book updates to the cash register.
  • Upload Lottery only: Enable this option to upload only Lottery items with Price Book updates to the cash register.
  • Add Credit Card Variation to Proprietary Credit Cards: CStoreOffice® calculates proprietary credit cards data based on credit card variations. Enable this option to retrieve proprietary cards data and use this information for shift reports and cash reconciliation.
  • Shop and Save Fuel Product mapping: The type of fuel to which fuel discounts must be applied.
  • Allow automatic password change after expiration: Sapphire cash registers require periodic password change. To reduce the administrative overhead, enable this option in the cash register settings in CStoreOffice®. When the password change is required from the Sapphire side, CStoreOffice® will automatically generate a new password, send it to the cash register and update the password in the cash register settings.
  • Subtract Networks difference from cards totals: Enable this option to include networktotals.xml into credit cards refund.
  • Deal configuration: The method of forming updates for Verifone deal promotions. Possible variants: 
  • Deal
  • Ext. deal
  • NAXML deal: Must be selected for the Ruby Commander cash register.
  • Rubycom
  • Use Tax Exemption: Enable this option to process the fuel tax exemption data.
  • Use new GTIN Validator: Enable this option to use the GTIN validator for items. The validator analyzes the item POS codes in different formats and attempts to find an equivalent in the system. It helps avoid re-entering data for items that already exist in the Price Book.
  • Use ticketLvlCoupons Parsing: Enable this option to process data of coupons scanned at the cash register. In this case, coupons will be processed as MOP.

In addition to configuring settings, you can perform the following activities:

  • Menu Key: Use this button to create the menu keys mapping table that you can upload to the cash register to re-define the menu key values.