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How to Apply Scan Data Loyalty Promotion at Cash Registers

The key feature of the scan data loyalty promotion is that to be able to use it, the customer doesn't need to be signed up for the scan data loyalty program. The scan data loyalty promotion is applied during a sale after the customer's phone number is entered.

Since there is no need to be signed up to the scan data loyalty program, the customer's phone number should be entered each time the scan data loyalty promotion is applied to the items.

The customer's phone number can be entered in two possible ways:

  • By a cashier on the cashier screen.
  • By a customer on the PIN pad.

Any ten-digit phone number can be entered.

Scan Data Loyalty promotion can be applied to a specific number of items in the following ways:

  • As a separate promotion.
  • In addition to already applied promotion of any type.

For more information about all types of promotions available in CStoreOffice®, see Promotion Types.

In the procedures below, you will find the detailed instructions for the cashiers about how to apply the Scan Data Loyalty promotions on different types of cash registers working with or without PIN pads.