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Lottery Tickets Inventory by Serial Numbers Report

This section describes the specifics of accessing and interpreting the Lottery Inventory by Serial Numbers report.

Opening Report

You can find the report at Reports > Lottery > Inventory > Lottery Tickets Inventory by Serial Numbers. For more information, see Viewing Reports.

Viewing Report

This report shows a list of all lottery games with their serial numbers for the selected date and shift.

If you are not interested in taking an inventory of the full lottery packs, select the Hide full packs option, and then click Refresh.

The report contains the following information:

  • UPC
  • Lottery game name (item description)
  • Serial number of the game
  • Amount

Additional Actions

To reload the form, click Refresh.

To print the report, click Print Version.

To open the report the the Microsoft Excel document, click Convert to Excel.

To open the CStoreOffice® Help, click Help.

To create a ticket, click Feedback.