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Promotion Setup Form

The Promotion Setup form includes the following sections for configuring promotion settings:

Promotion Header

The information at the top of the page identifies the promotion in CStoreOffice® and in the cash registers. The Promotion Header consists of the following settings:

  • External Promo #: External promotion identifier. This field is populated automatically by the system and displayed under the following conditions:
    - Only for Radiant cash registers;
    - If the Send External Promo # to CR option is selected at the Cash Register form at Data Entry > Dashboard > Station Options > Cash Register > Advanced > Advanced;
    - If the Allow user to edit Permission for External promo ID permission is activated for the current user.
  • In case one promotion is created for several locations, it will be saved with the same External Promo # value for each location.

  • Promotion Name: This is the name of the promotion in CStoreOffice®.
  • Receipt CR Description: This is the name of the promotion in the cash register. It cannot exceed ten characters including spaces.
  • QwickServe Description: This field is available only for the customers who have the SmartPOS cash register or use the QwickServe solution. In this field, enter the promotion's name to be displayed on the QwickServe device.
  • CRIND: This stands for Card Readers in Dispenser (initially a Gilbarco term, now used generically). A message that will appear during the customer's transaction at the pump credit card reader can be entered.
  • This parameter is currently supported only by the Gilbarco cash register.

  • Promotion Type: Select the promotion type based on which the promotion parameters of the corresponding promotion type will become available for setup in the How much? section.
  • For more information about available promotion types, see Promotion Types.

  • Priority: In case you have several promotions for same group of items, specify the priority in which the promotion will be applied on the cash register in order to be in compliance with the vendor policy. Possible values:
  • Empty: Leave the Priority field blank, if you have only one promotion for one certain group of items.
  • From 0 to 10: Define the promotion's priority by setting up the lowest value to the highest priority level.
  • The Priority field is supported only by the Radiant cash registers and available only for the Mix & Match, Price Each Mix, and Link Saver promotion types. For more information on cash register limitations, see Compatible Cash RegistersCompatible Cash Registers.

What is Included?

In this section, define which items will be included in the promotion:

  • Items Included. If this option is selected, the Items page is opened in a new window. Follow these steps:
  1. Use the Find and Replace tool to find the necessary items.
  2. Select the items to be included in the promotions.
  3. Click the Append all to List button above the items list.

    On the page for setting up the promotion, boxes with items appear below in the same section.
  4. Add the items to be included in the promotion to the right box. You can also remove the items from the right box if you want them excluded from the promotion, or click Find Again and repeat steps from a through d to add more items.
  • Promo Groups Included. If you select this option, the boxes with promo groups appear.

How Much?

In the How Much? section, define the following conditions for the promotion:

  1. Promotion location. Do the following:
  • In the Participating list, select the type of the promotion's location or tag.
  • Below the Participation list, activate one or several locations participating in a promotion.
  1. Configure the following promotion's basic parameters:
  • Promotion unit cost: A new item's cost agreed with the vendor. It is recommended to populate this field, if you are creating a promotion for one item only, such as New Price or Price Reduction promotion. If an item has a new cost defined within a promotion, it entails the following changes for this item:
  • A new cost from the Promotion unit cost field is valid for the promotion's item throughout all promotion's activity period.
  • The promotion unit cost is considered as the negotiated item's cost. For more information about the difference between the item's promotion and negotiated cost, see Setting Up Item Cost.
  • Price change
  • Price reduction
  • Promotion's basic parameters are displayed depending on the selected Promotion Type value.

    For more information about how to configure basic promotion parameters for each promotion type, see the corresponding promotion type subsection in the Promotion Types section.

  1. In the Reimbursement from Vendor section, configure the reimbursement from the vendor in case the promotion implies it:
  • In the Reimburse list, select the vendor who will reimburse the discount.
  • In the ... per… units fields, enter the number of items per units, which are bought or sold in order to get the reimbursement.
  • Select Sold or Purchased, to define whether the reimbursement is paid at purchase or at sale of the items. This option affects the accounting.
  • If you need to set up reimbursements from several vendors, click Add and for each vendor set up the reimbursement settings as described above.

    For more information about the reimbursements, see Buydowns.

  1. In the Time frame section, specify the period of promotion activity:
  • In the Start field, select the promotion starting date.
  • In the From To fields, specify the promotion active hours. Select the promotion's active weekdays, if needed.
  • In the End field, select the promotion ending date, if any. In case the promotion's ending date and time are not specified, click Indefinitely.
  1. At the top left of the Promotion Setup form, click the Save button.

Once the promotion is saved, the following promotion's settings in the How much section cannot be edited:

  • Type of the promotion's location - in the Participation list: You cannot edit the type of the promotion's location but can edit the number of the locations participating in the promotion.
  • Promotion's type - in the Promotion Type list: The promotion's type cannot be edited, however, the promotion's conditions for the selected locations can be edited.

If a promotion with the division type in the Participating list is being edited, activate at least one division to enable editing in the How much? section.

Promo Result

This section displays the promotion result. Each promotion type has its own promo results.

The detailed explanation of the promo results section for each promotion type is available in the corresponding help article in the Promotion Types section.

Promo Errors

This section displays system error messages, in case the items included in the promotion don't match one or several of the following criteria:

  • Items don't exist on the selected station.
  • Current Retail Price, Department, or Category are not specified for the items.