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Getting Started with CStoreOffice®

This section provides you with step-by-step instructions. Petrosoft also provides various training options to ensure your success with CStoreOffice®.

Just select any of the following sections to get instructions on how to start with CStoreOffice®:

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About CStoreOffice®

Petrosoft's cloud-based back office solution provides retail operators insights that drive smarter business decisions to enhance their bottom line.

With CStoreOffice®, you are able to:

  • Control inventory levels and manage inventory more efficiently
  • Monitor shrinkage closely
  • Manage lottery inventory efficiently
  • Control fuel margins effectively
  • Track employee time closely
  • Process invoices quickly and accurately

Before You Begin

  1. Check your web browser
    The following web browsers are supported:
  2. Google Chrome latest version
  3. Microsoft Edge latest version
  4. Safari latest version for macOS only
  5. Complete your registration
  6. Check your email address provided at https://my.petrosoftinc.com/ during the purchasing process.
    You will receive the Email Confirmation Request from the CStoreOffice® Notification System.

  7. Confirm your email address:
  8. Click the link provided in the Email Confirmation Request
  9. The link for confirming your email is valid within 24 hours.

  10. Follow further instructions

You will also need to set your permanent password to be used for logging into CStoreOffice®.

Haven't Received An Email Confirmation Request?

Email Confirmation Request from CStoreOffice® Notification System should be sent to your email within 24 hours of the purchase.

If you haven't received the Email Confirmation Request from CStoreOffice® Notification System:

  • Please check your spam or junk folder to make sure it didn’t end up there.
  • Please contact our Support Team.

Getting Started with CStoreOffice®

  1. Go to www.cstoreoffice.com.
  2. Go to the CStoreOffice® sign-in form and select Login or Customer Login.

  3. In the CStoreOffice® sign-in form, do the following:
  4. Enter your CStoreOffice® credentials:
  5. Authentication email: Your email confirmed via Email Confirmation Request from CStoreOffice® Notification System.
  6. Password: Your permanent CStoreOffice® password provided during the registration completion process.
    For details, see Before You Begin.
  7. Click the Login button.

  8. If two-factor authentication is enabled for your account, do the following to enroll your mobile device for two-factor authentication and log in with a one-time code:
  9. Download and install one of these authenticator apps on your mobile device:
  10. FreeOTP
  11. Google Authenticator
  12. Set time to automatically update in the settings of your mobile device. Automatic time update is required for generation of one-time codes.
  13. Scan the barcode with the installed app or enter the key you see under the barcode in the installed app.
  14. Enter the one-time code generated in the installed app and click Submit.

  15. Only one-time code will be required for the future log-ins.

After the successful login to CStoreOffice®, you will start on the CStoreOffice® home page.

To get more information on how to work with CStoreOffice®:

  • Use the Petrosoft University Portal—on the right of the CStoreOffice® main menu, click the help button.

    The Petrosoft University Portal contains working procedures description, video tutorials, PDF guides, and many other helpful information.


  • Watch Video Tutorials.

Need More Help?

You can contact our Support Team for assistance:

  • Call us at:
  • 412-306-0640
  • 1-412-306-0460 for international callers
  • Send us an email
  • Submit your request

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