CStoreOffice® Support & Learning

Recorded Live Training Sessions

These videos are recordings of free weekly online training sessions conducted for CStoreOffice® customers. If you could not attend a live training, or if you would simply like to refer to a training after taking part in it, we have made the recordings available.

Introduction to CStoreOffice®

This training is for all who are new to CStoreOffice®. During this training, we will give you a tour of the Home Page of CStoreOffice® and discuss the basics.

Manager's Daily Routine

This training encompasses all of the basic manager’s procedures like Cash Reconciliation, Shift Reports, Purchases and Fuel Handling.

Fuel Handling

This training is for Managers as well as whoever is responsible for reconciling the fuel on a daily basis.

Cash Reconciliation

This training was designed for the Manager or Store Owner that wants to Reconcile their Cash on a daily basis. It shows how to configure your daily over/shorts and includes the entering of Expenses, adjusting your Cash, and the completion of your Day.

If you have trouble viewing the training within the help, please use the direct link.


This training will guide the Manager through the steps that are required in accepting and or creating a vendor invoice. Additionally, it explains the aspects of Data Processing Service from scanning the invoices to receiving and then accepting.


This training explains how to work with Lottery games in CStoreOffice®— set them up in the application, track lottery ticket sales, payouts, and reconcile inventory.

Price Book

The Price Book Training will lead Owners or Price Book Managers through all pertinent areas of the Price Book. This training is a must for all new clients, and it should be the first training that you attend.

Price Book Advanced

The Price Book Advanced Training will lead Owners or Price Book Managers through some specific cases and scenarios for advanced Price Book users.

Hand Held

The Hand Held Training leads users through the multiple functions and abilities of the hand held scanner within CStoreOffice®.

Physical Inventory

This training will help in preparing the Owner/Auditor/Supervisor on where to start and what needs to be done when it comes to inventory.

Accounting Basics

This training focuses on the basic accounting operations that the CStoreOffice® office user needs to know.