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Getting Started with Fuel Central

Fuel-Central: Reinventing the fuel distribution business

That’s more profits for you and better service for your customers.

Fuel Central fuel distribution management software from Petrosoft improves and automates fuel distribution management to optimize inventory, maximize truck utilization and driver productivity, and minimize operating expenses while maintaining customer service.

Petrosoft presents Fuel Central, the 100% internet-based fuel distribution management software that cuts costs, automates the distribution process and sets a new standard in communication in the sales channel.

Fuel Central jobber software puts an end to time consuming manual processes like collecting accurate inventory and sales information, invoice creation and tracking tax calculations. It will also end double entries, run-outs, haul backs and other problems that waste time and cost fuel marketers profits. Fuel Central can help you optimize scheduling while minimizing downtime and optimizing site fuel inventory. The fuel distribution software can monitor customer inventory electronically in real time and project load time, as well as product quantities with unprecedented accuracy for up to two weeks ahead. In addition, deploys trucks and drivers for optimum productivity of your staff and vehicles.

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To get started with the Fuel Central:

  1. Set up an account for Fuel Central.
  2. Set up a station (location) for Fuel Central.
  3. Set up ACH for Fuel Central.