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About Docs Scanner

Docs Scanner is a tool for Petrosoft clients with the "Full Service" account, that is, clients who have their invoices and shift reports entered into CStoreOffice® by Petrosoft Operators.

Docs Scanner is used to provide scanned or photographed invoices and shift reports to Operators for entering. It combines the image editor, messenger and invoice status tracker in one tool. Docs Scanner minimizes efforts on invoice scanning and sending and helps you to respond promptly to any issues or delays.

What Сan You Do with Docs Scanner?

With the Docs Scanner, you can perform the following operations:

  • Quickly and easily provide images of invoices and shift reports using a method that is most convenient to you:
  • Open images from the computer: For example, you may have an invoice scanned earlier or sent to you and saved on the computer. You can browse to the saved files from Docs Scanner or even drag-and-drop them into the tool.
  • Scan paper invoices or shift reports: You must have a scanner connected to the computer and configured. After clicking a button in Docs Scanner, you scan an invoice or report, and it appears in Docs Scanner ready for editing and saving.
  • Make snapshot from a camera: If a camera is installed on the computer, you can use it to take a photo of your paper invoice or report, and it will be added to Docs Scanner.
  • Send one or several invoice images at once.
  • Edit every image: rotate it, zoom in and out, draw and add text directly on the image.
  • Provide the necessary information about the invoice or shift report, like vendor and method of payment.
  • Send comments or instructions for the invoice or shift report to Operators and get comments from them. You can exchange messages and view the history of your communication at any moment.
  • View the status of every invoice or shift report, spot returned invoices that require attention, and edit them if necessary.

What Image Formats are Supported in Docs Scanner?

Docs Scanner supports the following image and document formats:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • PDF

If you want to use Docs Scanner for the first time, check the requirements in Docs Scanner Prerequisites.