CStoreOffice® Support & Learning

Docs and Files Permissions

To allow the user to access the Docs and Files functionality in CStoreOffice® Mobile App, you need to grant the Docs Scanner permission to the user in CStoreOffice®.

To make sure the Docs Scanner permission is granted, check either of the following user settings in CStoreOffice®:

  • User role: Role Setup form > Access Data Types list.
  • Employee form: Employee Setup form > Login & PasswordAdvanced.

For more information about granting permissions in CStoreOffice®, see Roles Management Permissions.

The Docs and Files permission grants an access to the following Docs and Files features in CStoreOffice® Mobile App:

  • Create new invoice. The following invoice types are supported:
  • Merchandise
  • Fuel
  • Expense
  • Lottery
  • New invoice form
  • Adding new comment
  • Adding an image from the gallery
  • Adding an image from the camera
  • Documents calendar
  • Documents list by date
  • Edit invoice form
  • Editing comment
  • Updating an image from the gallery
  • Updating an image from the camera

To learn more about the Docs and Files module in CStoreOffice® Mobile App, see Scanning Invoices.